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Good Quality - Poor Service

By: JustinP55 | January 29, 2016

I bought flooring from this place back in 2015. The flooring looks great, but as another poster has mentioned, make sure you receive all your wood at once and that you have enough. I made the mistake and did not estimate enough wood and needed more for one section. I was told when I bought there was lots available. Once I called back to explain my issue the owner told me no problem. Then he calls me back and says a man "just walked in" and bought the entire inventory that was remaining. He screwed around with us for a good week telling us "we should have bought more on our initial purchase". We aren't experts, and we made a small error. We only needed 10 sf or space to finish it, but somehow magically all of the inventory was bought once I called back asking for more. It wasn't until I went to another store and found a similar wood product that was 98% close, that he called us back and said "Oh we do have some left if you would like to buy a few...


Wood Floors & Stairs Direct

1 Head St. Dundas, ON

category: Flooring - Retailers

Terrible experience

By: joshua6477 | January 26, 2016

Terrible experience with Rowan Hardwood Floors. Our experience started after the deal was closed with the sales person. We were setup to start on a Monday, when no one arrived I contacted them to find out what was happening, they told me that their installer hurt his arm and would arrive tomorrow instead. We waited til the next day and same thing, no one showed up, we then phoned again and were told they were on a job and couldnt make it til the next day. Luckily they finally showed up on the third day to start. I must admit, once the installers arrived the job started off on good terms but quickly went downhill. It wasnt until the following week that the installers started to cut corners and put the work on our shoulders. We were paying full price (no price negotiations except for 2% discount for cheque payment), we were paying for our original baseboards to be installed, shoe molds and doors to be re installed. We paid extra to have the job professionally done from start to finish...


Rowan Floors Newmarket

569 Steven Court Newmarket, ON

category: Flooring - Retailers

Very pleased by the professionalism...

By: robertc4779 | January 20, 2016

I was very pleased by the professionalism and workmanship of the Garage Innovations installers, as well as the finished product. My garage floor looks amazing and is significantly easier to clean. The longer term proof will be in the upcoming winter months when ground moisture has been a problem in prior years. I am hopeful that the moisture barrier that was applied by Garage Innovations will finally solve this problem. Overall, I am well satisfied with both the end result and the value received. I have shown my finished garage floor to a neighbor with great feedback.

Garage Innovations

10111 South Tacoma Way Suite D3 Lakewood, WA

category: Flooring - Contractors Garages - Retailers Carpet - Contractors

Thank you Flooring King Antonio

By: Jon22 | January 20, 2016

Thank you Flooring King Antonio
recommend it to anyone looking for laminate wood flooring in the Fort Lauderdale area we came to you after visiting one more flooring store in The Area you help us to make the right decision you took your time to explain and you did installation next day wow
Highly recommended


5950 Anglers Ave, , Fort Lauderdale,, FL

category: Flooring - Contractors

They were always on time.

By: jacoborellana67 | January 7, 2016

Larry and caro T.I found Caba Contractors to be the perfect team of professionals. They were always on time, they had a great work ethic, there were no hidden suprises in their budget, and they worked at an amazingly fast pace accomplishing exactly what they had promised. The whole crew was friendly and can be trusted with any task. My wife and I plan on using them again in the future for our next project. We can recommend Caba Contractors without any reservations. L. Timm, Upland, CA

Caba Contractors, Inc.

165 North Acacia Ave Rialto, CA

category: Flooring - Contractors

Job completed but slow

By: non-member | January 5, 2016

Hi,nI was advised that a 'team' of installers would take care of my job in max 2-3 weeks maximum. The 'team' mostly consisted of one contractor (who was quite good) who had help from one other guy on only a few days. Overall, the job was done to satisfaction however it took nearly 2 months to complete.


35 McCleary Crt Unit 19 & 20 CONCORD, ON

category: Flooring - Retailers

Worst Service and Would Never Advise...

By: Pearl15 | December 30, 2015

First, simply Disgusting service. The owner Anjali do not have even a courtesy to be nice to female and infant. She kept calling my husband "Bhaiya" in Hindi which means "Brother" in English. Once the full advance was given, she didn't stick to her promise of completing the job on time. To our utter dismay, she couldn't get the job completed for which the complete money is paid. Their work quality is pathetic. I had to get everything reinstalled and fixed. Shortly, i may have to file a case in small courts.

Second thing, the installers sent by Gracious Hardwood are simply thieves. I very soon realized when my husband went for grocery, two installers out of total team of 5, immediately entered my closet. I had to quickly react and shout and ask them to be out of closet. I was scared and I immediately picked up my clutcer and ladies bag containing Jewelry. Till my husband returned, I was so very scared. Those installers never showed up during next...


Gracious Hardwood Flooring Inc.

72 Devon Rd, Unit 12 Brampton, ON

category: Flooring - Retailers

Very Rude Behaviuor and poor...

By: dskairon | December 9, 2015

I would like to share my worst experience ever, I have not seen such foolish people even back home in India, As there were ladies I avoided argumentation otherwise I would have taught them a lesson. The owner lady is rude and loud. She don't have basic manners that how to treat the customers. One of the shopkeepers from adjoining showrooms told me that the lady does this all the time and many annoyed customers visit their store after visiting their store. Please avoid this store as most of the public opinion is same.

Brampton Hardwood Floors Ltd.

59 Bramalea Rd Brampton, ON

category: Flooring - Retailers

Worst Experience Ever

By: zohaib93 | December 3, 2015

Absolutely terrible. Not only did he ruin my basement by causing water damage to the floors I got installed by this store, but when I voiced my concern, he in turn raised his voice and insulted my family. The owner/manager of the store, Harry, does not care about his customers right after he receives his payment. I would not recommend anyone to their services, for they are not professionals and will probably end up damaging your floors.

Super Choice Carpet & Hardwood

3075 Ridgeway Dr. #26 Mississauga, ON

category: Flooring - Manufacturers

poor installation and terrible...

By: non-member | November 21, 2015

We recently purchased and had carpet installed by this company.
We were very disappointed in the poor workmanship and the response from George (the owner).
The installers broke the glass in a ceiling light in our family room. They did this by using excessive force with the staple gun (which the installer admitted to). When the owner was informed by my wife he was rude and said that they were not responsible and it was our faulty light. The installer told us to get a replacement and he would repay us.
We searched for a replacement glass and eventually found one.
The installer also damaged our hardwood stairs and Kings did get a hardwood guy in to fix it after two weeks.
The installer did reimburse us for the glass.
In addition the installation was not vacuumed as promised. This was a time consuming job that we were left to do ourselves along with cleaning up the broken glass.
When i went to discuss this with George and tell him that it did not look good...


King's Flooring

78 King St W Oshawa, ON

category: Flooring - Retailers

I would highly recommend Abraham

By: DebraAllison | November 14, 2015

We couldn't be happier with the carpet we bought for our new home. Abraham always answered the phone, or promptly returned a call, spent plenty of time with us reviewing options and helping us make a decision. His installers were great - very attentive to detail and a professional job was done.

Floors Touch

2045 N. Central Expressway #790 McKinney, TX

category: Flooring - Contractors

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