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Great product knowledge and fair pricing

By: mbsmithwpg | November 16, 2014

We were remodeling our kitchen in Lindenwoods and figured while being out of our home we would explore replacing our hardwood floors.

We visited 3 stores in our area and got quotes from 2 of them. One didn't even bother to get back to us (?). The Floor Show by far had the best selection of hardwoods and the staff were professional and informative. I hoped that the pricing from The Floor Show would be less than the other company so that my husband would not just want to go with the lowest price.

Thankfully (!!) the price was 10% lower than Curtis Carpets and we chose them and got what i thought was a builter quality product. Install was supposed to be 3 days but it took almost 4.5 with cleanup and putting our baseboards back on; in the end what is 2 extra days when the jobs was so fantastic. The installers were clean cut and I had no worries at all with them in our home, they explained what they were going to do and they did it.

I would recommend them very much to anyone looking for great selection and professional installation.

Thank you again,


The Floor Show

1042 Waverley St Winnipeg, MB

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They have the best quality and best...

By: Shadi | October 6, 2014

They are very friendly and we went there several times until we purchased the hardwood that we liked and everytime they treated us very friendly. They provided free estimation and re-estimation according to our requirements.
They also inspected our home and gave us good advices for free.
We almost checked all available prices in Calgary and Bijan's western flooring prices was the best price for hardwood flooring.
We definitely recommend them.

Bijan's Western Flooring

3806 Macleod Trail SE A Calgary, AB

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Fantastic Crew

By: non-member | September 27, 2014

Recently had some work done by this company and love it. The sales guy came out to my house and was not pushy and was very informative. I could not choose a colour so I went to the showroom to decide and realized they have sooo many colour combinations they could make. The best part about them was the crew that came out. Very clean and polite and were very informative.

Highly Recommended!


Vintage Hardwood Flooring is CRAP

By: mwcotton | September 22, 2014

Had our whole house gutted and renovated cost us $180,000. The main reason for a total reno was to have everything coordinate with a gorgeous new hardwood floor. We picked the Vintage Maple Godiva Estate 5 inch wide engineered floor. It was expensive but that was the look we wanted. Well the Vintage floor is absolute crap. Save your money and buy from a different manufacturer. Vintage doesn't stand behind their product. Before we even had our furniture moved back into the house after the reno the the floor had spots where the finish and color was "peeling" off between the boards. The problem was logged by our contractor with Vintage before we even moved back in. Vintage came over colored in the spots with a "touch up pen". The problem became worse over the first 12 months as 3 or 4 more spots popped up with significant peeling and 5 or 6 other minor spot. We phoned the flooring company and a Vintage rep came by and basically blamed us for the problem stating...


Vintage Hardwood Flooring

2 Saint Lawrence Ave Etobicoke, ON

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By: non-member | September 5, 2014

Have to agree with MJOANCAM66. We had the same problem and the same lame excuse from Preverco. The rep insisted that we used water to wash the floor, even when we showed him evidence of the cleaner and the mop recommended by the retailer. We are in the process of doing the upstairs and went to another retailer. He mentioned Preverco and we told him we would never use this product again. Their warranty and customer service are non existent.

Preverco Inc

1046 138 Rte Neuville, QC

category: Flooring - Retailers

Poor Install

By: garybroski | September 1, 2014

I ordered engineered flooring from Alberta Hardwood flooring. Gordon came out did the measuring, I told him to remove the baseboards and haul them away as I was putting new ones in and he provided a quote for all the work. Before the install I gave Gordon instructions for the installers to call me and I would meet them at the back when they got there so I could give them access to the condo building. It seems my instructions did not matter as the installers did not call me and I found them waiting out front.
They started the install and found they had to use leveling compound. I discussed this with Gordon and I asked what the extra cost would be and he said not too much and I told him I wanted the floor in and to proceed. A day later we discussed this again and Gordon said the installer used 25 bags of leveling compound and the cost would be an extra $2000 and I told him a $1000 was more reasonable. The installer started on July 15 a Tuesday and they were there on July...


Alberta Hardwood Flooring Ltd

3851 99 St NW Edmonton, AB

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More than Satisfied With the Service

By: harveysteffe | August 28, 2014

Hi, I am Harvey. I always wanted to gift a good looking kitchen to my wife. So I contacted Hopkins Design Studio. And they were really successful in developing the kitchen cabinet as per my wish. Perhaps that was the most amazing gift I have given to my wife after the wedding ring according to my wife. Thanks Hopkins Design Studio. Keep up the good work.

Hopkins Design Studio

262A 3rd ave South Williams Lake, BC

category: Flooring - Contractors

Patient and helpful

By: Daniel Cheng | August 27, 2014

They have a great showroom and very patient sales staff. I went in with my family to take a look and they took their time to explain all the differences for me until we could make a decision. Ended up making a purchase and I don’t regret it! Canadian Flooring has very nice quality and great customer service.

Canadian Flooring

2687 Steeles Avenue West Toronto, ON

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Terrible Experience!

By: non-member | August 18, 2014

Disrespectful Company who should feel ashamed in sending workers to your home that are thief's. An employee of theres had stollen and admits to stealing an item of mine and went through personal belongings. Violation is a key factor hear. How dare steel from a pregnant woman. I trusted them with a service and this is what i get upon completion. That is disrespectful on so many levels! No respect and horrible customer service from the owner. I would think twice before dealing which such irresponsible disgusting behaviour!!!! Not even an apology you can get from the owner Anjali, and to think she would understand from woman to woman. I guess not.

Gracious Hardwood Flooring Inc.

72 Devon Rd, Unit 12 Brampton, ON

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By: non-member | August 9, 2014

been having some work done recently from creative carpets. Very poor work coming from these 2 guys working at my home, they come and go as they please leaving doors wide open, they dissapeared for 3 hours today claiming they "had to go to the bathroom". these guys leave there tools and garbage all over my house and don't clean there mess. for the past few days ive came home to empty energy drinks, pizza boxes, and wrappers around the house. There's been no shows for 2 days and no explanation. They come everyday around 10 but there sopose to be here at
8. My flooring is now taking triple the time to get done than it was planned to be. overall very poor work from creative carpets. not recommend

Creative Carpets

1455 Waverley St #5 Winnipeg, MB

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