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Elegant Flooring Achieved With...

By: AlyssaLogan | August 27, 2015

I have taken Gracious Flooring services in June 2015, for installing the Oak hardwood flooring in my new home. My whole family is amazed with the professional approach and dedication shown by Gracious in achieving such an outstanding result. My home elegance and aesthetic has been appreciated by many friends and the credit goes to the Gracious Hardwood Flooring. I would highly recommend their service.

Alyssa Logan

Gracious Hardwood Flooring Inc.

72 Devon Rd, Unit 12 Brampton, ON

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Start Here!

By: Daveu | July 9, 2015

Definitely a place to start your search for wood flooring. Tons of choices and the staff (Tom) is passionate about pros and cons in selecting flooring to meet your specific needs. I’ve been there several times after extensive searches and each time I wish I had started there. Give this place a go and you will not be disappointed in selection, price and product knowledge.

Wood Floors & Stairs Direct

1 Head St. Dundas, ON

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Warranty is useless and floor is crap!

By: Ncdavies | July 4, 2015

subsequently shown scratches and the separation of the top urethane layer in the floor. These scratches are superficial and caused due to the soft finishing layer of the floor. The coating appears to be separating in places where the planks have not been exposed to water, contrary to Vintages findings.

The warranty was declined based on the company's assumption that the humidity in the house was below the suggested levels, even though low levels in the flooring was detected a year ago but still within their suggested range.

The company sent an inspector to look at the floors on two occasions during the two year dispute. In both cases, the inspector ended up being the salesman and had biased opinions about the humidity levels in the house even before measuring them. It was evident that his findings were going to be to decline the warranty due to humidity levels.
As homeowners we were not sure whether to install this type of exotic floor because of...


Vintage Hardwood Flooring

2 Saint Lawrence Ave Etobicoke, ON

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Horrible after-sale service

By: Ncdavies | July 4, 2015

Unfortunately we bought over 1600 square feet of exotic wood from the Floor Show. The flooring is Brazilian cherry which was sold to us here in Winnipeg and manufactured by Vintage Flooring in Toronto.

The floor has stress cracks and scuffs everywhere. The 25 year warranty was declined by Vintage since they assumed the winters have been too harsh in Winnipeg lately. If this is true, why does the Floor Show sell these products here after reassuring us that having a humidifier would suffice. They just wanted our money.

It had been over three years since we have been requesting our floors be fixed to no avail. Both The Floor Show and Vintage have postponed and blamed me for the bad quality of floor that they sold. It had been an awful experience and I warn you to stay away from these companies that sell you what appears to be a great product and then run away after they make the sale and cash your cheque.

The Floor Show

1042 Waverley St Winnipeg, MB

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Thank you Omicron.

By: smithwilliams0912 | July 4, 2015

We visited Omicron Granite & Tile based on the recommendation of our neighbour. I was surprised to see such a large selection. Sheldon accompanied us to pick out the granite and back-splash options. His advice was very helpful to us. Trying to pick from hundreds of options can be daunting, but his experience and expertise was immeasurably useful. Thank you Omicron!!!!

Omicron Granite & Tile

17601 Ashley Drive, Bldg C Panama City Beach, FL 32413 Panama City Beach, FL

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By: Elenakennedy | June 25, 2015

The entry way of the home we just bought was in disrepair and needed some serious work to bring it back to life. We call Fusso Flooring and they repaired or old terrazzo flooring making it look as good as it did the day the house was built. We could not be happier with the quality of workmanship or the speed in which they completed the job. Great work Fusso Flooring.

Fusso Epoxy and Terrazzo Flooring

400 Parliament Street Toronto, ON

category: Flooring - Cleaning

Don't Believe Everything you read

By: Homestar | June 18, 2015

From some of the reviews on this site, you may be questioning calling Curtis Carpets to replace your flooring. All I can tell you, from my personal experience, is that I have never worked with a more professional or caring company. Honestly if I could rate them higher than 5 stars, I wouldn't hesitate. From start to finish Edith (our salesperson) was on top of every question or concern we had. She was knowledgeable, prompt and always had a smile on her face. As with any renovation project, there were hiccups along the way, but Curtis was always ready with a solution. Curtis Carpets has earned my business for years to come.

Curtis Carpets Ltd

1280 Pembina Hwy Winnipeg, MB

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By: Sandra Drew | June 14, 2015

We were looking around for flooring that would compliment our furniture well but had no luck finding the perfect one until we came across Canadian Flooring. The White Oak “Ambiance” in Carbon Grey was our pick. We got a great deal although the installation was set up and complete a week after we were told. A minor bump on an otherwise great deal.

Canadian Flooring

2687 Steeles Avenue West Toronto, ON

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A reputation for superior quality

By: Stephanie W. | June 2, 2015

Their reputation for superior quality is what brought us to JBG. Everything we'd read online and the personal recommendations we got after a visit to the showroom suggested they really stand behind their material and service. The floor is great. Well laid, resilient, and vibrant just as we wanted. A pleasure all round.

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