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Hardwood flooring laying and...

By: Mary Ann Gallacher from Markham | February 17, 2015

"10 Star rating" Sebastian and NewRidge Refinishing Group is highly recommended for expert installation of hardwood flooring. Sebastian suggested the best layout and pattern design for our flooring. We are very pleased with the quality of their work. The results were spectacular. Thank you for making our home beautiful again.

Worst hardwood floors ever made.

By: non-member | February 11, 2015

I purchased preverco floors and would never have expected this from such an expensive product.
My floors starting cupping and peeling and cracking.
Preverco' warranty guy came and basically washed his hands with me after saying my condo was too dry.
I don't buy this as I've used several different hardwood floors from different manufactures with no problem. I even went to different units with the same humidity levels as my unit and their eng. hardwood was perfect.
I bought a Canadian made hardwood thinking the product and customer service would be excellent as its approximately double the price of any other manufacturer.
Next time I will be buying Chinese floors (1/2 the price) as preverco has fooled me.
Very unhappy and feel ripped off

Preverco Inc

1046 138 Rte Neuville, QC

category: Flooring - Retailers


By: K | February 1, 2015

The flooring sales guy is a liar !
Insisted that I buy more wood than needed for the job because of waste, cuts, bad pieces of wood. We told him our project was going to take probably one year to finish, and that it would be well past the 30 days return policy and he says that wont be a problem. We could bring back un-opened boxes for a refund.
When I finish my floor 11 months later, he would not take back the left over un-opened boxes of wood. He told me of the 30 day return policy, and says maybe a couple of months but not 1 year. He refused to honor what he told us.

Brampton Hardwood Floors Ltd.

59 Bramalea Rd Brampton, ON

category: Flooring - Retailers

Floor shines beautifully

By: zoeyjones90 | January 5, 2015

Got our concrete floor polished from them last week. I really appreciate the effort they took to finish it in time as we requested (we had a family function last week and needed to finish it within 2 days). They were a couple of spots which needed touch-up and they came up very early the next day and finished it up! So impressed with their service! Also amazed at how the floor shines now!

Sealwell Canada Inc

1179 Finch Ave. West Toronto, ON

category: Flooring - Equipment and Supplies

carpet installer who damaged my LIGHT...

By: Catherine Karasz Anderson | December 17, 2014

Gary was our salesperson. Too smarmy, too pushy, using scare tactics to secure our purchase, he should be selling used cars. This was our second installation by the same company/installer. I personally removed all of the baseboards and internet cables, took off closet doors. We have three 'swag' lights from ceiling. This Dumb.A> decided to try and hang the cables that were on the ground up on the ceiling hooks and the whole thing fell down. Plaster ceiling. What has happened to , sorry I will tell the store and they will call you, a) offer to try and fix it , b) offer to send someone who knows something about drywall/plaster repair,c) see if the store can offer a credit from the cost of carpet and install or wait for offer an apology

Carpet Emporium Inc

494 Eastchester Ave E St Catharines, ON

category: Flooring - Retailers

Flooring Renovation

By: Jiri and Mary from Toronto | December 10, 2014

When we decided to replace our old carpeting with laminate flooring in our condominium, we conducted extensive research over a period of several months. All parties except Alliance Floor Source Inc., which was recommended to my wife by a co-worker, failed to mention the necessity either to level the concrete floors or to find an alternative living arrangement due to the amount of dust which accompanies this type of renovation.
We are happy with the work of our contractors, with the price we paid, the fact that they adhered exactly to schedule, and the flooring looks beautiful. Also, the contractors were neat in the removal of the old carpet and when their work was completed, they left the work area presentable.
The parties in the office at Alliance Floor Source Inc. were helpful, knowledgeable, courteous, and reliable. The Alliance showroom is very well organized with plenty of flooring samples to choose from. The bulk of our dealings were with Mike Witt who was there for us throughout this renovation. Our home has been refreshed and we are proud of the "new look". We can highly recommend the Alliance team.
J.S & M.S., Toronto

I would definitely recommend

By: RyanD | December 4, 2014

Alliance installed a new floor for me in my commercial space. I would strongly recommend them. Despite a few unexpected challenges with the site, my floor was installed beautifully, on time, and also on budget. Mike and Lehel were very helpful and accommodating, and they priced the job very competitively. I will use them again. Thanks!

Great product knowledge and fair pricing

By: mbsmithwpg | November 16, 2014

We were remodeling our kitchen in Lindenwoods and figured while being out of our home we would explore replacing our hardwood floors.

We visited 3 stores in our area and got quotes from 2 of them. One didn't even bother to get back to us (?). The Floor Show by far had the best selection of hardwoods and the staff were professional and informative. I hoped that the pricing from The Floor Show would be less than the other company so that my husband would not just want to go with the lowest price.

Thankfully (!!) the price was 10% lower than Curtis Carpets and we chose them and got what i thought was a builter quality product. Install was supposed to be 3 days but it took almost 4.5 with cleanup and putting our baseboards back on; in the end what is 2 extra days when the jobs was so fantastic. The installers were clean cut and I had no worries at all with them in our home, they explained what they were going to do and they did it.

I would recommend them very much to anyone looking for great selection and professional installation.

Thank you again,


The Floor Show

1042 Waverley St Winnipeg, MB

category: Flooring - Retailers Flooring - Contractors

Wide selection and great price

By: Dennis McMillan | November 11, 2014

JBG has a wide selection of tiles to choose from and the price of their flooring installation is reasonable and fair. At first, it was difficult to choose which flooring tile we liked best but they give help not just with technical issues but also aesthetic decisions. Loreto was always accommodating and courteous. Thank you.

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